BillionToOne is a precision diagnostics company that quantifies biology to create molecular diagnostics accurate, efficient, and accessible for all. The company's patent-pending molecular counter platform is a technology platform that can accurately count the DNA molecules to the single-count level. BillionToOne's mission is to makepre-natal testing safe and affordable for every expecting mother. Its novel technology can detect even single-gene disorders such as thalassemia through a simple blood test. They are replacing amniocentesis, an invasive and risky procedure that has a high miscarriage risk, with a safe and affordable blood test, starting with developing countries.

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Billion to one sees an opportunity in molecular diagnostics, a quickly growing sector attributed to the increasing adoption of point-of-care and rapid testing. The U.S. in vitro diagnostics market worth $55.29 billion in 2021 with molecular diagnostics account the largest share of 49.03%. Led by Dr. Oguzhan Atay, Billion to one aims to unlock improvements to non-invasive prenatal screening and liquid biopsy.

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