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2022 has been a year like no other. It is a challenging time for investors and entrepreneurs by all measures. We want to leave you with some highlights from this past year, with the expectation that 2023 will be our best year yet!
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Media & PR

Founded in 2017 in Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Race (sv_race) writes about innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in America for Chinese audience. The sv_race is deeply involved in the field of cross-border entrepreneurship and investment between China and the United States. The sv_race has partnerships with all major media platforms in China. It has reported more than 1500 innovative projects. Up to now, sv_race has received more than 800 original articles, more than 1 million page views for a single report, and up to 40 million cross-platform page views.


UpHonest Scouts builds a vibrant ecosystem for young professionals in high tech companies to explore entrepreneurship and investment. Since launched in July 2020, nearly 200 scouts have been recruited in 6 programs. They are located in Silicon Valley, New York and Seattle. They work for top tier tech companies like Google, Meta and Apple.


Beta Fellowship is a software driven community for global innovators to learn, network and raise funding to build cross-border business. Since launched in October 2021, Beta has acquired 4000+ registered users in U.S. and partnered with 60+ students, innovation, and tech organizations.


OP Accelerator, founded in Silicon Valley in 2017, is an international innovative acceleration platform. Aiming to accelerate and support new generation of cross-border startups at early stage, we have 3 accelerators globally which are located in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other places to provide one-stop innovation services. We have the overseas vision and active innovative ecosystem, which integrates venture capital, high-quality entrepreneur community, innovation events, media&communication coverage, and entrepreneurship education.